The Playbook Training Camp

The Playbook Training Camp

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The camp date is March 26th - 27th 2020.

If studying and research aren't your cup of tea. And you prefer a hands-on approach. The training camp will provide a first-hand experience of how an actual lawn care business works in real-world scenarios. The good, the bad and the ugly. My business. At your disposal. For your gain. 

The Playbook Training Camp provides a place to learn and grow your business through hands-on training and implementation of the Playbook. (For a full description of The Playbook, please visit our products page and click on The Playbook).

  • Hands-on Training
  • Field Exercises

What's Included:

  • The Playbook: Keys to a Successful Lawn Care Business (This step-by-step guide simplifies the process of launching or remodeling a lawn care business)
  • Lawn Maintenance Contract Package (also sold separately)
    • Service Agreement (seasonal contract)
    • 12-Month Lawn Care Contract
    • The 2-page Service Agreement provides a clear message to potential customers as to what your services are, their frequency and how much it will cost. What sets the Service Agreement apart from the Lawn Care Contract is the customer’s commitment level with your company. The commitment level is usually during the “growing season” and a shorter duration than the Lawn Care Contract.

      The four-page Lawn Care Contract (annual) also provides a clear message to potential customers as to what your services are, their frequency and how much it will cost. Where this contract differs from the Service Agreement is again the customer’s commitment level with your company. The commitment level is for an entire year. Although a bit more daunting to pitch than the Service Agreement (seasonal), the payout is nice when cutting grass is no longer available.

    • Service Form Estimate Packet (also sold separately)

        • Service Requests Form
        • Service Request Form (Fill in the blank)
        • Service Form (Checkbox)
      The Service Form Estimate Packet includes 3 versions of Service Forms we used before utilizing a CRM system. These Service forms are a simple way to get a customer's information, document the work performed and collect payment quickly and easily! 
      • Service Form
        • Used for internal tracking of services completed by employees
        • Fill in the blank providing maximum hand-writing practice
      • Service Request Form (CheckBox)
        • The swiss army knife of documents 
        • CheckBox makes the document more legible
      • Service Request Form (Fill in the Blank)
        • The swiss army knife of documents 
        • Fill in the blank providing additional hand-writing practice
      The focus of these forms is providing an estimate, invoice, receipt for customers and providing an opportunity for up-selling additional services. All this accomplished with a single form with a non-contracted customer.
    Employee Application and Employee Company Guidelines (also sold separately)
    • The Employee Application is simple and straight forward. One area I focus on is the applicants' previous work history. This portion alone helps rule out several applicants that might not have your business’s best interest in mind. (Pro-tip: emailing this saves you time)
    • The Employee Guidelines purpose is boosting morale and setting an expectation for employees. As a business owner, we must cultivate an environment for our employees that rewards hard work and maintains a professional work environment. This “handbook” provides a clear expectation of Company standards and provides YOU, the business owner a voice in the company to lead with.
    • All forms mentioned above are for your use and can be copied and pasted if you have Microsoft Word. They also will copy over without Microsoft Word but will be a little more labor-intensive.
    • Our goal is to provide your business with the tools necessary to succeed by building a strong foundation and leading by example. 

    The camp date is March 26th - 27th 2020. 

    The Itinerary:
    Thursday 8:00 am Kick off Devotional
    8:20 am Introductions
    8:35 am Playbook Company ID, Keys to success, finding balance, basic
    branding, marketing, Q&A
    10:00 am Break
    10:15 am Hiring employees, company culture, bidding, contracts,
    service agreements, Break out with Kevin, Q&A
    11:45 am Catered lunch
    12:30 pm Field exercise: residential, POA, HOA & commercial bidding.
    3:30 pm Arrive back to the shop. break down on bidding. Prizes for the closest bid.
    4:30 pm Q & A
    5:30 pm Wrap up
    Friday 8:00 am Kick off Devotional
    8:20 am 30-day revamp, Morning routines, shop functions, mechanic/service
    logs, Q&A
    9:00 am Daily operations, organization, (paperwork, leads, receipts.) intro
    into QuickBooks Q & A
    10:00 am Break
    10:15 am QuickBooks, New leads, Increase your closing rate, jobber/CRM.
    11:45 am Catered Lunch
    12:30 pm Social media marketing, break out with Justin
    2:00 pm Break
    2:15 pm Appreciation Marketing, am cards
    3:00 pm WRAP UP, Q&A